Our Story

Coco's hair life was marked by salon disaster after disaster, but it wasn't until a failed relaxer attempt at a professional big-name salon that Coco finally decided enough was enough. 

Her story is not remarkable, as plenty of kinky-curly hair sisters are all too familiar with the inferior treatment their hair type receives from professionals who are just as clueless how to care for their hair as they are.

Frustrated by the general lack of desire by professionals to understand how to properly care for kinky-curly hair, she decided that she was going to care; starting with herself.

She quickly discovered that money was not the problem as she purchased product after product targeted towards black hair care and was met with average or lackluster results. It seemed "nothing worked" to solve the obvious problem of dryness that kinky-curly hair suffered from. 

In 2016, Coco came across a hair blog that praised using organic foods like banana and avocado as a hair mask. The results were so amazing that it catapulted her on a mission to create a line of products for kinky-curly hair that worked.

It has taken five years since that day to get to the stage where she could share her success with you, and the road has certainly not been easy: She had to learn to love herself first, before she could share that love with you.

The reason we say “Self-Love is the best love” is because it is! It starts within and grows so large that it starts to affect everyone you come into contact with. It is the kind of love that changes lives.

Love starts here, with yourself, and with products that enhance, not hide, your natural beauty so you can love yourself the way you were created.

We genuinely hope that these products allow you to love and enjoy your natural self a little more every day.

We see you. We love you. We are you!